Tessa, a graphic designer from South Africa, met Zeb, a lawyer, fell in love and they married in 1999. At the end of 2000 they left London to live in the countryside where the horizon is visible. James was born in 2003 followed by Sophie and the last (we are sure about that) was Ella. The children are now aged 10, 7 and 4.

May 2012
I never planned to be a stay-at-home mum it happened along the way when my part-time job became a choice of full-time or resign. With one child and another one imminent I chose to resign. It was a shock to lose part of my identity but I worked through my thoughts and emotions and I now feel comfortable in my skin and being a stay-at-home mum.

Update – June 2013
I have recently gone back to work part-time as a graphic designer. I knew I would not be a stay-at-home mum forever and I have been able to spend just over 7 years without working and it has been so precious. But my blog – it is all about staying at home – and I still had so much to talk about and most importantly I have loved connecting with mums out there. Am I ‘allowed’ to continue a blog called ‘Stay-at-home mum’ if I am working albeit very part-time?

You can read more about this in this post.

  1. … but then again you are also a graphic designer as you say… and that alone we can see from your very neat looking blog of yours! SO well done you, both with the blog and your decision on being a stay at home mum!

  2. homemum said:

    Thank you. Being a stay-at-home mum has its challenges but I am also aware of what a special time it is especially as it doesn’t necessarily last forever. I know I will be back to designing when my children are older.

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