More party and birthday treat ideas

caterpillar partyAs I said in an earlier post, we alternate parties and treats each year so that parties remain novel and I don’t grow weary. Treats are fantastic too as we make an outing extra special and buzzy especially as the birthday child can invite a friend. Below are a few more party themes and treat ideas.

Party Themes
A teddy bear party (bring your bear – and play ‘musical bears’)
A teeny tiny tea party (perfect for a very little child)
A hungry caterpillar party
A tractor party (especially if your child is fixated – and your neighbour kindly allows the children to climb on his antique tractor)
An underwater party (hang streamers from the ceiling and cover the floor in bubble wrap)
A pink pig party (borrow as many soft toy pigs as you can and play ‘piggy’ games)
An African party (dress up in bright colours or as if you are off on safari)

Visit a local zoo – we love Cotswolds Wildlife Park, Marwell Zoo and Bristol Zoo
Visit a local petting farm
Visit  Portsmouth Historic Dockyard – this was fantastic fun and good value including a boat trip and ‘action stations’ climbing wall in the ticket.
Visit Legoland – expensive, but had to be done once for a lego mad boy before he was too old.
Paint a plate – a lovely party for younger children and you can use your china plate for years after.

And our next party… when my son turns 10 we plan to camp overnight at a local youth hostel and the boys will be under canvas.tractorThis post is part of a mini theme on children’s birthdays. Feel free to share your ideas as comments.

  1. homemum said:

    Thanks Faded Seaside Mama for the endorsement.

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