Birthday Party Idea 4: Party in the Woods / Star Wars

woods1The Concept: As my son became older we needed more space for ten mad 8-year olds to run around so we decided to have his party in a local wood. There was a conference room we could use as a base and as a contingency plan for bad weather. He wanted a Star Wars party, I wanted woodland fun – so we fudged it and combined the two.

The Invitation: A photograph of the woods with the details. An invitation like this could also be emailed although I still prefer to post them.

Our Party: Even with a ‘Star Wars’ theme, I kept it homemade and we started by making our own light sabres. I bought pool noodles which I cut in half and each child added duct tape to create a handle. They then went outside to do Jedi Knight training where they whacked each other with great abandon. The next game was to free Han Solo who was frozen in carbonite. Each child received a cup with a lego man frozen in ice, and using water defrosted the ice to release the man – first one out was the winner. I gave them chalk to draw the Death Star on the patio and then handed out water balloons to destroy the Death Star. The woods were brilliant for hiding games and running around in. We ended with food and decorating individual meringues (planets) and yes, I let them smash the creamy meringue in their own faces! There was plenty of water, high-octane excitement and much hilarity and we pulled it off  – ‘Party in the Woods with Star Wars’.

Top Tips: Cakes can stress me out – but this one was simple. A new Star Wars model on top of a cake. Do a few web searches, there are some great ideas for games and that is what inspired my ‘light sabres’. Listen to your child as they become older and try to incorporate their ideas. At the age of 7 or 8 children prefer single sex parties, that is fine, let them. I aim to be low-tech and not to have films, computer and wii games just yet – I am sure parties in the teens will incorporate these items. It may be simpler to invite a group of children who all know each other as parties can be stressful enough for a birthday child without mixing up his different groups of friends. woods2 woods4woods3This post is part of a mini theme on children’s birthdays. Feel free to share your ideas as comments.

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  1. Really cute. I am so drawn to simple ideas and I love that you did it in the woods, incorporating your son’s interests.

    My kids are almost 10 and 7. We did a Greek mythology themed party, last year for my daughter ( turning 9) who is obsessed with mythology. We had returned from a trip to Greece and she was gung- ho about creating a cake with pillars and the three main gods. I made a two tiered cake, coloured it blue to show the heavens for Zeus and the sea for Poseidon, placed some statues she got on our trip and bought cake tiers which resemble Greek pillars to place on top of the cake as ancient ruins. I also made fondant tridents because she favored Poseidon.
    As a game, we came up with clues to hunt for old treasure, made altars for each of the gods… A water themed altar with blue marbles and blue felt, a big trident, a lightening bolt drawn on paper and rocks as an altar for zeus a huge owl glued to the lid of my frying pan to make a shield for Athena and drew a peacock with feathers to resemble an altar for Hera. They had so much fun in our back yard. It was simple too.

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