Birthday Party Idea 2: Mystery Treasure Hunt

treasureparty1The Concept: Set up a treasure hunt using photographic clues for a circular route of about 1-2kms. As the children reach the photographed item – a gate, an odd-shaped tree or a sign, you give them the next photo and have about 25 photos. The final clue is where the treasure is hidden or buried. This is brilliant way to use lots of energy and after the hunt you can return to base for party food.

The Invitation: I printed the invitation on the outside of the envelope and placed the first ‘clue’ a photo of our house inside the envelope.

Our Party: My son was very into camouflage so it had a  ‘camo’ theme as well as being a treasure hunt. They loved running the 2km course finding the clues and we ended in the play park where I had hidden the treasure – water pistols and ammonite fossils. We then returned to our house for a sausage BBQ and a very long dessert. The pudding was a ‘WOW’ factor as I had bought a length of guttering and then tasked the children to fill it with ice-cream, bananas, sweets and toppings. Once it was ready, they set to, each armed with a spoon to start eating!

Top Tips: The distance of the course depends on the age of the children and how used to walking they are. It works best in a rural area or where there is not too much traffic. Give each child a (homemade) bandanna to create a ‘team’. By only giving out the next photo on reaching the object photographed, you keep the group together. Keep the treasure simple – I sewed camouflage bags which contained a few items. Keep the food simple as most children like hot dogs with ketchup – don’t waste time with lettuce and onions! treasureparty2 treasureparty3 treasureparty4

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