Two weeks in

I am half way through the ‘Buy Nothing New Month’ challenge and it is going well although I have a sneaking suspicion that some things I would have bought have just been postponed until March. I haven’t replaced the holey flannel nor bought new kitchen scissors after melting the handles – they still cut. I am REALLY missing flowers as the garden is barren so I can’t pick any and I want daffodils to cheer up the house – any bright ideas? I still feel panicky in case I want to buy a coffee while I am out and know I can’t.

Another challenge is gifts for others – are you ‘allowed’ to buy gifts from charity shops? I didn’t know what to do for my niece’s birthday but a rummage through my gift box revealed a pair of binoculars (free from National Trust). She will be delighted as she lives in a flat in Singapore and loves animals so two perfect uses for binoculars. A girlfriend received a home-made cake and my husband will enjoy his Valentine voucher for a back tickle. Sometimes just saying ‘I love you’ has to be enough, especially in ‘Buy Nothing New Month’.

It was half term this week and we had to find ‘free entertainment’ but baking, playing in the woods and building dens and visiting The Village Cupboard was perfect. The Village Cupboard is a brilliant concept where once a week two pals commandeer the hall and serve tea in quirky mismatching cups and saucers accompanied by delicious cake. Any one can pop in to enjoy a chat and browse amongst unwanted donated items. The price – whatever you think the item is worth and all the money is ploughed back into village projects whether it is to buy pre-school equipment or bulbs to beautify the verges. It is also a perfect way to recycle clothing, books and gifts you no longer want. Well done Lisa and Jenni!village cupboard

  1. Gosh I didn’t know it was ‘buy nothing new’ month –
    afraid I’ve already seriously bought – whoops!
    Enjoying your blog – thank you.

    • homemum said:

      Hi Emma – it is not an ‘official’ buy nothing new month – that was an idea started in Australia for the month of October – have a look at

      But I heard about it too late, so a few friends and I are having a go in February.

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