A toast to a new year!

new yearHappy new year and a toast to 2013! My friends laugh at my attitude towards new year resolutions as I set them out in categories! I don’t plan unrealistic resolutions but rather reflect on the year passed and consider what has worked and what I would change. I then think about the year ahead and set 4 or 5 goals in each category of ‘Family and Marriage’, ‘Spiritual’, ‘Household’ and ‘Personal’. Sometimes the goals are plans we have already started to set in place such as a family holiday in Cornwall and others are to help me to achieve fulfilment in aspects of my life. I am specific and write things like ‘do a photographic course’ rather than merely ‘be creative’. Household goals tend to be two or three items we want to buy for the house or DIY that is required. In ‘Family goals’ I include something that I would like to help each child achieve. This year I’ll teach James to make filter coffee, Sophie is longing to start art classes and Ella will learn to ride a bicycle.

The important thing about setting goals is to review them periodically – say every three months – and but also not to let your goals intimidate you. They are there to guide what you hope to achieve but not to govern you.

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