The Parenting Course – Passing on the baton

valuesThis was the tenth and final session of The Parenting Course and we discussed passing on our beliefs and values. We all have real values and notional values – things we ascribe to but don’t actually practice. If we rate honesty highly but your children often hear us telling ‘white lies’ honesty is just a notional value and we will not be passing it on to our children. What values are we modelling to our children? We also considered praying for our children and it is never too early or too late to start. We all have deep longings for  our children and these can turn into fears so let us rather turn them into prayers.

Even though I have been leading The Parenting Course, I have learnt so much from it and realise how much more there is to learn. I hope these blogs about the course have given you a taster of what the course entails and if you wish to know more, look for a similar course close to you. It is so much better to connect with other parents than reading a book – or a blog!

If you want to know more about The Parenting Course, click on this link to read my initial post about the course. Here is a link to the Holy Trinity Brompton website which has a video about the course

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