Christmas – the final word

Christmas card 2012 blogIt has been such a pleasure to ‘meet’ new bloggers and connect with other mums through my blog. I have enjoyed writing a mini theme about Christmas and I hope it has been helpful and inspiring. May you and your families have a blessed Christmas. Most years I write a Christmas letter to accompany my card whether it is emailed or posted but I thought this year my family would share ‘Two stars and a wish’ – two happy memories of the past year and one desire for next year.

Zeb: Our cycle ride as a family to Padstow and a mushroom foraging course with Tessa. My wish next year is to make sandcastles on a beach in Cornwall.

Tessa: We had a magical holiday with my parents in Dartmouth to celebrate their ruby anniversary especially with the Red Arrow planes flying overhead. I am very excited that Zeb and I have started running a parenting course as it is something that is close to our hearts. And my wish… looking forward to finding a new home as the one we had planned to buy fell through.

James (age 9): My birthday this year in Legoland and I loved going to watch ‘Skyfall’ with daddy. I am looking forward to going to Singapore if we go.

Sophie (age 6): My best things were making a decoupage box and making boats from junk on the beach. My wish is to see Zoe who lives in Africa.

Ella (age 4): I made a snow globe and a bug hotel because it is nice for the bugs and they can hide in it and hibernate in it. I am going to Cornwall in April and I am very happy about that.This post is part of a Christmas theme of how I as a mum approach this season. As with anything, pick and choose the ideas that appeal to you – I don’t do all of them every year! However I have included all the activities, crafts and traditions that I have done over the past few years. Feel free to share your ideas as comments.

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