The Parenting Course – Shaping not forcing

One thought has haunted me since the last parenting course session – your child’s intrinsic character won’t change so don’t allow the day-to-day struggles to destroy your relationship. Keep open  the channels of communication and build your relationship with your child. As Rob Parsons said, your six-year old will test you all the way and the conflict will be worse when she is sixteen but on the rollercoaster ride keep hold of the relationship because one day you will have a beautiful friendship with your twenty-year old, your thirty-year old and your forty-year old daughter.

Sophie will always be dreamy, distracted, creative and sometimes on another planet – I can shape her but I can’t push her into an ill-fitting mould. I can direct her strong character and understanding of human nature to become a force for good. Work with who your child is, treat your child with dignity, choose your battles and keep the relationship flourishing.

If you want to know more about The Parenting Course, click on this link to read my initial post about the course. Here is a link to the Holy Trinity Brompton website which has a video about the course

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