‘Jobs about the house’

‘Jobs about the house’ is what my friend’s son calls chores. When I reviewed chores, I realised my youngest, Ella was getting away with murder. The bigger two were drying themselves by three as a baby had now arrived in the family, Ella is four and stands like royalty with arms outstretched while I dry and dress her. I am remedying that!

Each child has a job that benefits the family and is also learning responsiblity for pets. When the chores increase, the children’s pocket money increases but they are not strictly linked as I want my children to realise jobs are part of family life where we all pull our weight. One friend had a super solution for her older children when they didn’t do their jobs – they could pay their parents to do the chores. The pain of having to pay dad 50p to pack the dishwasher was far greater than having their pocket money docked. Definitely a strategy to remember!

Ages 2 – 4 years
Clear own plate from the table
Dry himself after a bath
Start dressing himself
Tidy toys
Help make bed and tidy room
Tidy shoe rack
Bring in the post
Collect eggs from the chickens

Ages 5 – 7 years
Set the table
Clear the table
Make bed
Tidy bedroom
Wash himself (supervised)
Brush teeth independently once a day
Put out school uniform
Place family’s dirty laundry in basket
Empty lunch boxes after school
Deliver notes to neighbours
Feed the cats

Ages 8 – 10 years
Set the table
Clear the table
Make bed
Tidy bedroom
Put out school uniform
Take bikes out of shed
Put bikes away after school
Water plants in pots
Answer the phone
Run small errands – eg post a letter
Prepare school lunches
Pack dishwasher
Bath unsupervised
Brush teeth independently
Care for chickens
Be responsible for packing correct items for sport and school
Pack own suitcase when going on holiday (mum to check!)

  1. Lucy Hutchin said:

    Such a useful list which really got me thinking about how we organise “chores” in our house – thank you

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