The Parenting Course – Setting boundaries

As a child I remember confidently making any request of my parents and knowing that I didn’t have to work out their answer in advance. I knew that they would say no if necessary and would not feel guilty about denying my request. I can still remember how safe this made me feel. I realise now that they knew how to provide good boundaries. Firm boundaries help to develop self-discipline, a respect for authority and security for a child. Of course children like to test the boundaries – especially in a pubic place!

As parents we need to keep the boundaries firm but also remember to HALT – is your child Hungry, Anxious or Angry, Lonely or Tired – if so then cut him some slack. Or are any of the above applicable to you and are you acting reasonably? Maybe it is time for you to sit down and have a cup of tea and biscuit!

If you want to know more about The Parenting Course, click on this link to read my initial post about the course. Here is a link to the Holy Trinity Brompton website which has a video about the course

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