The Parenting Course – Loving old boxes

In the second session of The Parenting Course we looked at the importance of spending time with our children (quality and quantity), establishing routines and the importance of play. I was challenged by the question, ‘What helps your children to engage in healthy play?’ Generally it happens in bucketfuls, I get them started and then let them get on with it. But I find I am hassled by the mess and the huge Amazon cardboard boxes that litter our house for weeks. I may see tatty boxes but they see televisions, dog kennels, castles and boats. I’ll strive not to grow impatient and chuck them away but appreciate the magic of imaginary play. And in summer I won’t be grumpy about mud and water sneaking into the house!

If you want to know more about The Parenting Course, click on this link to read my initial post about the course.

  1. Lucy Hutchin said:

    Hi Tessa – this is such a good summary of cardboard boxes in our house as well – only yesterday did I dismantle an amazon box and then put it back together as I decided the children would love it. Today Chloe got some new toothpaste which had a gorgeous cat on the box so that won’t be going in the recycling bin for a while!

  2. homemum said:

    Thanks Lucy! That made me smile. Boxes… sometimes they last longer than the gift!

  3. I’m a huge fan of the cardboard box. : ) We’ve experienced lots of cardboard box love in our house…In the process of moving, boxes were about the only toys our kids had for a month or so, and they had a blast. I wrote about it in a post called “The Joy of Less.”

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