Mum’s List

I picked up the book Mum’s List by St John Greene expecting a light-hearted holiday read but was deeply affected as I hadn’t realised what the book was about and nor that it was a true story. When Kate Greene, a mum of 38, fell seriously ill nothing was as important to her as her two little boys and her husband. In her final months of life she wrote her Mum’s List – a guide to her thoughts, her wishes and her longings for the boys she had to leave behind. I wanted to cry as the subject matter is so painful and yet the book is written with a light touch, humour and hope as Singe, her husband, expresses his love for his wife and uses the list as a springboard to a new life.

It made me think about what I would put on my list and I realised what a good idea it is to have a list – mental or otherwise. We can whizz through the days and lose the bigger picture of our desires for our children and our family. I postponed the idea of writing a list as it seemed to be an insurmountable task but then I thought I will write out my longings for my children – big and little. Before I knew it I had a ‘Mum’s List’ which is a plumb line to refer to so my greater desires don’t become lost in the day-to-day. Things on my list include go backpacking as a family around Europe on a budget, have self-confident and assertive children, be kind to others, have a strong faith and relationship with God, create rich, happy memories and family traditions, visit South Africa again, enjoy outdoors and biking. Big things and little things, specific goals and general characteristics… what would be on your ‘Mum’s List’?

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