The Parenting Course – Family Time

Zeb and I are very excited to have launched The Parenting Children Course yesterday. One thing that stood out for me was the importance of Family Time. Families are there to provide support, a moral compass, teach about relationships and to provide fun. What can you do for Family Time? Have fun as a family and enjoy an activity together whether it is a chocolate fondue, a picnic, making pancakes, building dens or going for a muddy walk. As the children get used to the idea, they will become excited about it so let them help plan the next activity. Aim for Family Time of about two hours, once a week. Put it in your diary and then prioritise and protect it. Don’t worry if Family Time is not always successful and the board game degenerates into tears and grumpiness. It is so important to build in regular time together while your children are young so that when they become teenagers, it is part of the fabric of your family.

Why do a parenting course? It is a minefield out there with many bewildering choices and yet no role we undertake can be more important. You don’t have to be a struggling parent either, maybe you just want a few more tools at your disposal.

The Parenting Course is a practical 10 week course based on biblical principles that will help you parent effectively. It is written by Nicky and Sila Lee from Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB), London and runs along similar lines to The Alpha Course. It follows Christian principles but is not so overly Christian that it alienates those with other (or no) beliefs. The evening consists of pudding and coffee, a 20 minute DVD and about half an hour for discussion and to work through your manuals. Here is a link to the HTB website which has a video about the course If you are interested in doing a course, have a look on the website to see if there is one near you.

  1. Very excited to discover your blog over on Mumsnet Bloggers. I too am a fairly new blogger and like you am (mostly) a stay at home mum and an avid fan of parenting courses. My sister lent me the book that goes with the above course as she used to be a member at HTB and so highly recommended the book. We have been on other courses and think they’re an invaluable way to reassess your parenting skills – needs doing on a regular basis! I look forward to following your blog 🙂

  2. homemum said:

    Thanks Suzanne. It is always exciting to be ‘discovered’ and it helps us all when we realise we are not isolated and there are other mums facing similar challenges. I can hightly recommend The Parenting Course. The book is good too – although quite thick!

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