First days

First days of school! The excitement, the butterflies, the fresh new shoes and the crisp white socks. Oh happy days. I remember Sophie starting her first day at school. I woke her up and helped her get dressed but she told me in a sleepy voice that she should do it on her own because she needs to practice. I said mummies could help and we exchanged excited secret grins. The morning went smoothly and when we got to school we hung up bags, changed to indoor shoes, positioned her lunch box, gave Sophie a big hug and left. She shouted, “Bye bye mummy, bye bye daddy” and continued exploring the book corner.

Top tips on starting school:
A few days before:

  • Try on the uniform and ensure it fits.
  • Label everything – socks, shoes, lunch box – if it is leaving the house, label it if you ever wish to see it again.
  • Read a few books about starting school and look through the school’s prospectus or website and chat about what happens during the school day.

The day before:

  • Keep this day very calm without seeing friends or dragging them around shops. And don’t talk about school all the time.
  • Lay out her entire uniform including shoes and have her school lunch packed.
  • Have your camera charged and ready.
  • Know what you are going to wear and where your handbag / phone / keys are. There is nothing worse than rushing around flustered and late.

On the day:

  • Dress your child and give her a good breakfast.
  • Allow plenty of time to get to school and take photos.
  • Be excited and don’t let your child see your anxieties, fears or sadness.
  • Take your child into school, settle her and ensure she is sitting with a friend. Give her a quick kiss and GO without becoming emotional or snivelling.
  • Meet up with a friend for coffee and a weep / champagne and celebration depending on your mood.
  • Email family and friends with photos and an update of the big day so far.
  • When fetching your child, give her a big hug but don’t ask too many questions, let time pass and give her space.
  • We have a family First School Day Tea. Pink milk and biscuits are a great way to celebrate.
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  1. homemum said:

    Of course the top tips are my ideals. I was busy sewing labels on socks this morning for school today – I call it subsistence sewing!

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