Life’s a mini adventure

It is easy to provide ‘Big Days Out’ – a glossy brochure about Legoland and arranging a second mortgage is all that is required. But the challenge is to give children adventures that are free and rich in memories and experiences. What are your special memories from childhood? Most likely they will involve time spent with parents and outside – building dens, creating mud pies or perfume from roses. This holiday we have had a few extravagant days out but many many special low-key days. Here are some ideas:

Small Days Out (and In)
Pick blackberries and make blackberry crumble
Make strawberry jam – it’s easier than you think! (Just need 750g strawberries, 750g preserving sugar and one lemon)
Erect a tent in the garden and if your children are old enough, let them sleep in it all night. My six-year old and nine-year loved this.
Create your own custom-made pizzas
Play in a local stream, build dams, castles, catch tadpoles and get wet
Have a chocolate fondue
Create a fairy garden (at night sprinkle glitter over it to delight your child in the morning)
Plant a sunflower
Make a den under a table
Open a ‘cafe’ – the children can make menus, be the staff and prepare your lunch
Go on a ‘Playpark Crawl’ – like a ‘Pub Crawl’ without the beer!
Have a toy’s birthday party – it takes ages if you have to make invitations and party hats first. The perfect cake is a mini babybel with a candle stuck into it.
Open a toy’s school
Cook bacon butties together
Chalk the patio
Picnic in the garden
Have a sleep-over in a sibling’s bedroom – all the excitement and none of the anxiety
Enter a local show with home-made produce / baked goods / crafts / art

Some ideas need parental help and involvement but others can be suggested to your children, get them started and let them entertain themselves.

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