What holiday project?

Holiday projects can be anything – a subject that your child is interested in or a skill that should be learnt. My mum used to give us ‘learning projects’ and ‘doing projects’. Learning projects were harder and ‘doing projects’ were the fun stuff. I haven’t complicated it that much but I do throw in maths and reading especially in the summer when it can all be forgotten so quickly. I also incorporate structured activities such as football or swimming lessons as the holiday project. Here are some ideas that I have used:

Children aged 7 – 9
Baking + cooking with mum – a simple recipe each day
A photographic theme – take photos following the theme
Keeping a scrapbook on a theme – ants, holiday activities, growing beans…
Swimming lessons
Drumming lessons
Christmas crafts
Easter crafts
Sewing on a sewing machine
Learning to knit

Children aged 4 – 6
Simple sewing projects
Making a pom-pom
Christmas crafts
Easter crafts
Learning to tie shoelaces
Learning to ride a bike
Counting different objects (make a counting box of little objects – buttons, shells, matches…)
Swimming lessons
Tracing over letters
Practice letter forms
Working through activity book
Reading together

Top tips:
– Give each child only one or two holiday projects a day – you can change them each week during long holidays.
– Don’t spend hours on the projects each day, we only do them on week days and not when we are away on holiday.
– Not only do children learn a new skill and have a sense of achievement, but it gives the day a ‘start’ and after doing one activity they happily get on with their own play.
– Have a sticker chart and there is always an award at the end of the holidays. (I normally give them a book.)
– Keep it manageable, realistic and achievable for you and your child!


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