Two weeks in

So far I’m loving the summer holidays and I can’t believe we are already two weeks in. How are the holiday projects going for my children? Very well actually. Sometimes they moan about them but I have made it nonnegotiable – it is what we do and it is what I expect from them. Once they are settled into their activity, they enjoy the sense of achievement. Sophie and I decided that sewing mice would be the perfect project and she is so excited about her creation. I found a delightful pattern and one mouse takes a six year-old five days to make – perfect. If you are looking for a mouse pattern, try this link on Martha Stewart’s website. For the first mouse it has been a case of me pushing the needle in, and Sophie pulling it out but she is getting the hang of it. Ella who is three will be using a balance bike but is currently sewing cards. So easy – grab some old greetings cards, hole punch around the edges and then set her off with a blunt tapestry needle and embroidery thread.

We don’t spend hours on the projects each day, we do them only on week days and not when we are away on holiday, this keeps it manageable, realistic and achievable. I am also appreciating an unexpected benefit of holiday projects – each day I give each child focussed, personalised time and it builds our relationship and fills their ’emotional tank’.

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