Marvelling our world together

Benefits – Education

Being a stay-at-home mum means that you are able to teach your child about anything and everything. Because he is with you, you can continually and informally tell him about the world around you and rediscover the marvel of it for yourself. You are also able to encourage speech and the use of language in a way that is not possible in a childcare setting. You are able to help your child to develop a normal range of emotions and how to control them, which is far more difficult in a nursery. Your child can play spontaneously without having his actions analysed and assessed, which unfortunately nurseries have to constantly monitor to prove that their education goals are being achieved.

When your child is aged somewhere between two and a half and three, he may be ready to attend a local pre-school. These normally run for limited hours that don’t fit with a working day and he will have the opportunity to meet local children who will all attend school together. You can remain involved with your child’s education by joining the pre-school committee or becoming a school governor and sharing your ideas on how to improve the school. Many pre-schools are parent-led and are crying out for parents who are able to plan strategically and help manage the pre-school. Not only will you be giving back something to your community, meeting and making new friends, but you will also have your finger on the pulse of your child’s education.

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