You control the clock

Benefits – Freedom

You are in control of your time and have the freedom to choose what you and your child will do each day. It is as if you are self-employed and are responsible for how the day progresses and what is to be achieved. There are many marvellous activities available from visiting a museum to junk modelling at home.

You are also able to provide your child with freedom and space to himself. He is able to have solitude and time to explore toys at home or in his garden alone. Having time for peace and quietness, time to think and ask questions and even time to grow bored is rare in our busy world. You have the opportunity to let your child become comfortable with his own company, learn how to entertain himself and be able to discover things for himself.

You also have more freedom and an opportunity to pick up your own interests that have lain dormant. You can use this time to do a part-time course, hobbies or even organise home improvements that have been on the back burner. Some of your interests can involve your child such as baking or gardening. My helper gardeners follow me around moving soil, removing grass clippings or digging bolt holes for imaginary baby bunnies.

You have more freedom to be involved in your local community than many working or part-time mums. There are committees from the parish council to pre-schools to village halls that need help to operate and are held together by mums who are available during the day. Often your business skills and experience can make these organisations truly successful. The traditional functions of a stay-at-home mum, whether it is home making, neighbourliness, helping the elderly, charity or community work are undervalued but are crucial for a healthy and sound society.

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